With over thirty years experience in international companies (HP, DEC, Octel, Nokia and Cisco),  Rocco has solid expertise in both domestic and international markets, in sales, marketing and business development. During his career Rocco has generated and managed several complex networks of partners, consultants and professionals.

Rocco has developed a strong customer management focus and a trusted professional relationship in the market, dealing mainly with senior management and/or CxOs.

Rocco is driven by his passion of recruiting talented people, creating strong team spirit and promoting a happy and motivating work environment for all.



With more than 25 years experience in sales, strategic planning and service development, Giuseppe has worked with some of the most relevant IT corporates in different market scenarios, demonstrating an unquestionable capability to analyze critical business requirements, identify deficiencies and opportunities, develop cost-effective solutions to boost the competitive edge, increase revenues and enhance customer service offerings. 

Giuseppe moved to Dubai in 2005, and has covered different sales roles for some major international IT players. He has developed a deep knowledge of the Middle East market and has established significant relationships in the business arena.