Drones, or more technically termed, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are renowned for their versatility, and ability to be used in confined spaces or vast open spaces with limited regulation. We know them primarily for recording videos or images below. Their actual potential use is far more extensive. From crowd surveillance, to traffic control, construction, agriculture, delivery, search and rescue, damage inspections - the list is enormous. The critical factor is data collection, and subsequently conversion into useful information that our clients can use.

With our patrolling surveillance UAV system, we offer high-performance video imaging and optronic sensors (thermal camera, infrared detector, laser rangefinder etc.).

Monitoring live data, day and night, wide-dynamic high resolution screens and a user-friendly man-machine interface, guaranteeing real operational effectiveness with maximum autonomy. We have developed a range of long-endurance and tactical surveillance UAV systems that can be adapted to your intelligence, reconnaissance and tactical support missions.

The multi-mission drone system is modular and scalable, reliable, robust and silent, and employs the highest performance solutions both for the onboard equipment and the control station on the ground, incorporating our experience in supporting tactical drone operations with commercial companies, government departments, armed forces and security forces, for monitoring the very precise location of observed targets.