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Unmanned aerial vehicles

from data to information

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What we do…

Solution Prototyping

Ad-hoc design and manufacture based on customer requirements



  • Adaptability

  • Takeoff and Landing limited operation area

  • Adaptability for easier sensor changes


Plane drones:

  • Long flight capability (VLOS & BVLOS)

  • Larger and faster area coverage

  • Larger payload

  • Light weight for higher safety


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Regulation Pioneering

UAV technology is relatively new and rapidly developing to become useful in a increasing number of ways in the civil and commercial markets - far beyond the recreational and military markets of its origin. As such, national and international regulations are still yet to be cemented, and we work closely with national authorities to develop and define realistic and secure rules and regulations with respect to UAVs, their movement, use and technology. We understand the need for adaptation depending on the purpose of the vehicle and are able to express concerns and requests to the relevant authoritative bodies.

be-link Partnerships

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Development of a BVLOS remotely piloted aircraft system for Dubai Roads & Transport Authority


be-link is a founder and shareholder in Sky4Apps (Italy). A technology hub for solutions using drones

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Business relationship with GBM to develop ad-hoc UAV solutions

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Customized specific sensors by Scentroid

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Joint development with CISCO for remote control of UAVs and real time data/video stream


Real Time Video Streaming

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    Security Surveillance

    UAVs offer security surveillance opportunities for mid to large scale areas in  commercial, civil or private estates. Added security for military installations, prisons or restricted zones. In the commercial market, drones offer surveillance for security in hotels, resorts, malls, and even open ranges such as safari parks or golf courses. Private estates can benefit from UAV surveillance, not only increasing security but reducing the need for added security staff, and therefore reducing cost.


    Emergency Assistance

    In cases of emergency response, UAVs are able to carry and deliver essential medicine. Particularly in instances of remote locations, or difficult to reach areas due to traffic or congestion, or even dangerous, inaccessible environments such as post-earthquake, fire or explosion, UAVs can not only deliver medical supplies, but can act as remote medical video assistance, relaying information between patient, emergency care providers and medical specialists.

    Traffic Relay